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Dean Lofi

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© Dean Trotter


As seen on College Music, Canadian born Dean Lofi is a critically acclaimed DJ / beatmaker hailing from the West Coast. Although active as a lo-fi hiphop producer for many years, Dean first started making music as a house producer as far back as 1998. It was later in 2002 when Dean would start experimenting with hip-hop beat production. Years later around the end of 2017, Dean had crafted his own uniquely chill yet upbeat lo-fi sound. While continuing to expand his musical endeavours, Dean has since released a series of popular beat tape projects through the Canadian owned indie label Volunteer Media as well as popular singles including “Perfect Vibe” which was featured on Spotify’s playlist’s Focus Flow and Sunny Beats. While remaining active as a versatile beatmaker, Dean has also found time to collaborate with the likes of legendary hip-hop artists Kool Keith, Moka Only and more. Now, Dean Lofi brings us his latest release entitled City Escape. The french house / nu disco inspired electronic tune captures a summer like vibe, envisioning an escape from the busy city and chilling out by the beach with friends.

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