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Dane Uno

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Dane Uno, artist, actor, writer, poet, from the south side of Chicago. He's a vet in the game, who while residing in New York the past few years released a slew of singles and performed around the city. Dane began recording and releasing singles for Junkadelic Records featuring Kool Keith in 2014, beginning with single Hoodini which appeared on a 7" vinyl B side along with AG of DITC & Kool Keith on the A side. Dane Uno whipped up a solid mixtape album titled Project Radiation released on Junkadelic Music digitally in 2016. The mixtape featured Dane Uno, Dj Phonz The Architect, Kanye, Sharkula, Rob Smoov and JD and more. Dane Uno toured with Kool Keith in 2015/2016 prior to the release of his album titled "Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light" which featured the likes of Kool Keith, Sav Killz, Pete Rock, Math Hoffa and more. Through Volunteer Media, Dane Uno has released the single King of Trap featuring Kool Keith aka Ultraman 7000.

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