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"Now this is hip-hop" (KRS-One reviewing Rushden & Diamonds debut album, 2010) Starting off their careers as young protégés to American hip-hop producer Kutmasta Kurt (collaborator with Kool Keith, Linkin Park, Beastie Boys), Rushden & Diamonds first got their start writing rhymes and making beats while digging in the crates of 1980's R&B and classical music. The duo’s early productions would eventually make their way onto Rushden & Diamonds' debut release 2010, a critically acclaimed double album hip-hopera which featured the likes of MC Paul Barman, Jacky Jasper, Dylan Ross (voicing under multiple aliases) and JUNO Award winners Elaine "Lil'Bit" Shepherd, Moka Only and more. Since the release of their debut album, Rushden & Diamonds have toured throughout Asia, Europe and North America, rocked festivals for hundred's of thousands of people and have shared stages with the likes of Black Sheep, Dilated Peoples, Dr. Octagon, KRS-One, Onyx and Slum Village. In 2012 Rushden & Diamonds created 2 original songs for SEGA's cult classic video game Anarchy Reigns. The songs Fast Lane and They Came From Underground produced by Naoto Tanaka (composer of the Mega Man X series, Bayonetta 2 and sound director of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance) quickly became the OST's break out singles. Now, while channeling inspirations from their favorite retro music, action movies and video games, Rushden & Diamonds bring you the official follow up to 2010 appropriately titled 2020 (Redux). The album features Kool Keith, Kutmasta Kurt, Mega Ran, Moka Only and more.

Rushden & Diamonds are an award winning Canadian Hip hop duo best known for their Hip-Hop Underground Hip-Hop Vaporwave Retrowave and Video Game Music productions.

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