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Stroker DeLuca

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With over 20 years of music production experience and Pro Tools audio engineering/mixing to his credit, the Canadian West Coast rapper/producer Stroker DeLuca has amassed a considerable amount of hands on industry experience under his belt. Aside from graduating with a diploma in audio engineering, Stroker has made a name for himself as an accomplished recording artist and live performer. In 2015 Stroker released the album Private Collection (Volunteer Media). The album both showcased Stroker's workmanship as well many of the artist relationships Stroker had built over the years. Notably the album features tracks with the likes of Merkules, Tom MacDonald, Evil Ebenezer, Junk, Hungry, Terrell Safadi, Checkmate & Concise plus several others. Following up that release, in 2016 Stroker dropped , The Sex Tape. The album showed off both Stroker's skills as a rapper and producer while tying in a strong sense of college humour. The 12 track studio album features the likes of Evil Ebenezer and Hungry.  

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