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M Dot Taylor


© Mario Taylor


Hip-Hop legend Ice-T alongside his right hand man, Hen Gee Garcia introduce the next authentically dope rap artist to check for, M Dot Taylor. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, M Dot has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Ice Cube, Sway, Snoop Dogg, Fabulous, Migos & 50 cent, leading him towards an opportunity to work with the one & only Dr. Dre on music for his up coming Marvin Gaye Biopic. As a multi-talented rapper, singer and songwriter, M Dot’s smooth polished vibe is heard loud and clear on his single entitled Stylin featuring Ice T’s protégée Fedie Demarco. The single was released by Final Level Music in exclusive license to Volunteer Media (Distributed by The Orchard “a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment”). The duo together brings just the right vocal partnership with their polished Urban flair. Stylin is produced by the Award Winning Producer DJ HellaVa who has produced hit tracks for the likes of rappers Slim 400, A.D, Problem, Glasses Malone and more. M Dot also recently released the single Runnin Up A Bag with Sada Baby and 1200 Slim as well as Ain't Going Broke No Mo featuring Fedie Demarco and Detroit's own Payroll Giovanni. 

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