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tyler skyy

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From throwin' up peace signs to reppin' custom clothing, tyler skyy sheds positivity through powerful, inspiring lyrics and catchy instrumentals. skyy was Born in Prince George, BC, with a serious heart condition (pulmonary atresia and tetralogy of fallot) and at 17 days old he had his first heart surgery. He's managed to push through times of struggle with depression and alcohol and emerge as a songwriter clearly aiming his sights on celebrating what's genuinely good in the world.

Moving from Prince George to Houston, to Vernon, and finally to Vancouver, skyy has a lot of miles under his belt. He wrote his first song when he was 16 after his house was broken into (Vernon), and first recorded music when he was just 17. "I downloaded a free recording software onto my friend's laptop, borrowed a Skype microphone, parked my parent's minivan in my friend's driveway and we recorded a song in there at 1AM not having any clue how to do it properly (2010)." Skyy finally made his way to Vancouver in 2011 hitting the music scene hard and showing Vancouver what he's all about, positive energy and good vibrations packed music.

In 2013 he traveled to St. Theresa Point, an isolated Canadian first nations reserve, to perform music and speak to the local youth at their highschool. In 2014 he worked with Ronald McDonald House, a facility for seriously ill children and their families in Vancouver, BC. He produced a video for his single called, "Smiling". The single helped raise funds for their new home that houses 2,000 children and their families each year. skyy went on to be the winner of J. Dubs "MC Challenge" at Studio Records in Vancouver before being nominated runner up for The Permanent Rain Press' "Canadian Artist of the Year" award in 2015.

In 2016 tyler released his album "Rainy Days + Peace Signs" with Volunteer Media. The album featured songs with the likes of WCMA award winner David Morin and WCMA nominee Brevner. tyler’s follow up release with Volunteer Media, a collaborative EP with Erik Chirkoff titled "i now pronounce you, in love" was released in July 2017. The EP was accompanied by a supporting tour throughout BC. tyler is currently working on a new project, but in the meantime released his heartfelt pop-influenced single "Maybe" (April 2018).

Finally, some words from Mr. Positive himself: "Life is too short + too fragile to not enjoy every single moment we've got. Spread peace, love, + good vibrations. Vees up."

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