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In today’s music scene very few DJs can jump from club sets to high-profile festival performances, while giving their audience the same high energy experience night in and night out. In today’s DJ culture, BeatzByLekz is one of those rare gems. Starting off his career in 2006 as an underground club DJ, Lekz quickly built up a repore for his mixes of UK grime, garage and jungle music which he spread across the West Coast early on in his career. Since the release of Lekz’s album (Poodlez) his style has also slid towards his influences in hip hop and funk production. An impressive list of shared tours and collaborations have kicked off since Poodlez release including the creation of multiple singles featuring the likes of Kool Keith and Dane Uno. After years of getting crowds hype, accumulating air miles and crafting a style all of his own, BeatzByLekz has finally become the one who is known to get just about any crowd off of their butts and moving.

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