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© Faraz Masoodi


Born in Iran during the Gulf war, this future voice of R&B/Soul known as FAMA$ was first
given the name Faraz, which in Arabic means elevation. From the time of his birth to the
present, Faraz has elevated himself from a child of war to a man destined to fight for
true success. During the late 1980’s, Faraz and his family had to endure the constant uncertainties of war and the cultural hardships that connected to it. His family worked very hard to find a safer environment for there young son, and soon found there way to the downtown core of Vancouver, BC, Canada. As Faraz journeyed to his age of reason, he discovered a culture that spoke to him in the language of his birth, struggle. He quickly gravitated towards the beats, rhymes and emotions that hip-hop offered but it was the melodic flow from the group Bone Thugz & Harmony that truly caught his attention. “I felt what they were saying but mostly because how they were saying it. It had so much soul. It was so aggressive. It was pain. It was life. It was me." Fast forward to 2018 and Faraz had released his debut single as FAMA$ entitled Already Gone. The song quickly picked up steam on YouTube racking up a quarter of a million views, an impressive accomplishment for Faraz’s artist debut. Since the release the of the single, Faraz has followed up with multiple other single releases in 2020, including his latest track entitled Love which has began to pick up significant steam on the popular mobile platform, Tik Tok. Lookout for a new full length album from FAMA$ dropping in 2021.

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